The UNESCO initiative of global citizenship education is gaining popularity worldwide. At the same time there is a dearth of literature that explores values-based perspectives that can contribute to the intercultural dimension of global citizenship education.

Reflecting on key outcomes from her long-term research and publications, Dr. Sharma shares the example of soka (lit. value-creation) as a concept and a rapidly growing movement of Buddhists who have endorsed several UN initiatives. Through her work Dr. Sharma argues the importance of paying attention to different philosophical understandings and values-based perspectives that can bring forth diverse and creative solutions to global issues. Doing this can also propel people and communities to take part in local, national, regional, and global solutions as engaged citizenry whose values inform their action for positive personal, social and environmental transformation.

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Suggested audience: Academics, students, civil societies, and also faith-based organizations who are working in the field of global citizenship and sustainable development.

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