Masterclass on Global Citizenship and the Earth Charter

18 August 2022 with Namrata Sharma

The Earth Charter International at the University for Peace in Costa Rica is hosting a series of Masterclasses. Participants can sign up for any number of sessions.

The masterclass with Namrata Sharma is developed to engage participants with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4.7, which seeks to foster global citizens by 2030.  

This class aims to:

  1. Provide an introduction to what global citizenship is, and what it means to be part of a global community; 
  2. Explore some approaches to teaching and pedagogy, including from less widely known perspectives; 
  3. Make connections between global citizenship education and the Earth Charter; 
  4. Engage with practical ideas and support for teachers who want to introduce global education into their practice (including guides, resources and further readings); 
  5. Provide links to networks of researchers and practitioners working in the field of global education, and related areas. 

Click here for more information on all classes.

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Book Launch: Education for Social Change

08 February 2022, 5:00 pm–6:00 pm UK.

Link to the edited video:

New book authored by Douglas Bourn, Professor of Development Education and Co-Director of the Development Education Research Centre at the University College London – Institute of Education.

Participants at the online launch include:

  • Liam Wegimont, Director of Global Education Network Europe
  • Professor Tania Ramalho (State University of New York) 
  • Dr Namrata Sharma (State University of New York) 
  • Susan Kambula (CAFOD).

The book, published through Bloomsbury Academic, introduces debates about education for social change, including a review of historical themes around democracy, liberation and socialism.

The second section outlines potential theoretical and conceptual frameworks for thinking about education for social change.

The third section covers how social change has been explored and promoted within different areas of learning.

The fourth section looks at the opportunities and challenges for promoting education for social change and reviews current international initiatives including those of global citizenship and climate change.

Key theorists are introduced throughout the book including bell hooks, Dewey, Giroux, Gramsci, and Freire.

A focus on international education and global citizenship – an interview with Springer Nature

Springer Nature’s Interview with its Authors, Editors and Researchers

Springer Nature’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Programme aims to connect the researchers who are tackling the world’s toughest challenges with the practitioners in policy and business who desperately need those insights to achieve their goals in improving the world, by making our publishing activities more visible to our key communities through a variety of channels. Our newly launched SDG4 hub focuses on Quality Education.

In honor of International Day of Education (January 24) we reached out to some of our authors, editors, and researchers, asking them to reflect on how we can work towards equality and quality in education and how they are helping in the ongoing mission to achieve SDG 4, and how we, as a scholarly publisher, are helping to contribute to these goals by publishing and distributing their research. In this interview we hear from Namrata Sharma.

Podcast: Global Citizenship, Sustainability and Value-Creating Education

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Podcast: October 2021 Earth Charter International: Finding the linkages between Global Citizenship Education, Education for Sustainable Development and Value-Creating Education

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May 2021 JLI Academic Reading Group Session: Value-Creating Global Citizenship Education for Sustainable Development

From the Joint Learning Initiative on Faith & Local Communities website: On May 11, 2021, JLI held a webinar where Dr. Namrata Sharma, State University of New York, introduced her new book: Value-Creating Global Citizenship Education for Sustainable Development that caters to formal and non-formal learning. Dr. Wendy Yee Mei Tien, University of Malaya in Malaysia and Fellow at KAICIID, responded followed by a question and answer session. View the presentation slides & video

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From Buddha to Tagore and Gandhi: Value-Creating Curricula in India

Article recently published in the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Education:

Sharma, N. (2021, February 23). From Buddha to Tagore and Gandhi: Value-creating curricula in India. In Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Education. Oxford University Press. doi:

Thank you to the Editors in Chief of The Oxford Encyclopedia of Curriculum Studies for this project: Prof. Ming Fang He, Georgia Southern University; and Prof. William Schubert, University of Illinois at Chicago (emeritus). It was especially interesting to reflect on my own experience of education in India, the colonial legacy, and emergence of alternative curricular in the Indian diaspora.